We’re building an ecosystem.

We’re reinventing peer-to-peer asset management data exchange and disrupting the way people build and share asset management products, tools, and services in the token economy.

What is Cointegra?

Cointegra aims to enable a decentralized, highly intelligent, secure, adaptable and agile asset management ecosystem accessible to everyone.


The Cointegra App

Once you enter the Cointegra ecosystem, a smart agent would help you discover and integrate asset management data, products, tools and services.  Anyone with a smartphone can participate in the global asset management marketplace.

Cointegra QTCoins Bot is coming soon.


Audacious, Empathic, Innovative

The Cointegra Team combines passion, industry expertise & proven record in blockchain strategy, investing, data, cybersecurity and risk management.

Our team took home the Blockstack prize in Coindesk’s world’s largest blockchain conference (Consensus 2018) on May 13th. The contest featured 197 top developers from around the world competing for sponsored prizes.


Caitlyn Hong, Founder
Columbia Business School, Deloitte & Touche LLP
Irvin Cardenas, Founder
Goldman Sachs Blockchain Strategy Group, NASA


Mattew Voss
Goldman Sachs CTO, Tech Fellow
Jimwoo Kim
Human Machine Interaction
Peter Kozodoy

Contact Cointegra

Any question? Reach out to us at hello@cointegra.io

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